How to Install aaPanel in CentOS 7

How to Install aaPanel in CentOS 7

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How to Install aaPanel in CentOS 7

  • Post author:Jatin Tiwari.

What is aaPanel?

aaPanel, a simple but powerful control panel, can manage the webserver through a web-based GUI(Graphical User Interface). aaPanel provides the one-click function such as one-click install LNMP/LAMP developing environment and software. Our main goal is helping users to save the time of deploying, thus users just focus on their own project that is fine.

aaPanel System Requirements: –

Operating System: Pure and clean CentOS Installation

Please make sure the OS is PURE and CLEANand never deploy any Apache/Nginx/PHP/MySQL before

System Memory: Minimum 128MBRecommended 512MB or more, Linux Panel requires system memory of around 10MB.

install aapanel centos 7

Step 1 :

Set hostname first as it is required for many services especially for mail server if you want it later :

ensure the hostname should have A record DNS set and should be a subdomain of your main domain like server.maindomain.tld

hostnamectl set-hostname server.maindomain.tld

Step 2 :

After you set the hostname now time to update your server, you can do that with one command :

yum update -y

Step 3 :

Install aaPanel :

yum install -y wget && wget -O && bash

After installation it will give you a login URL along with a username and password like below :

Congratulations! Installed successfully!
aaPanel Internet Address:


aaPanel Internal Address:


username: t321urqa
password: ea31as41
If you cannot access the panel, 
release the following port (8888|888|80|443|20|21) in the security group

Log in and choose LNMP or LAMP according to your choice if your website doesn’t support Nginx I’ll recommend you to use APACHE i.e. choose the LAMP setup.

Choose LAMP stack :

aapanel stacks

aapanel stacks

Select all options of LAMP and click on FAST method to get it installed via RPM packages which are pre-built applications ready for the installation, if you choose to compile then all the applications will install from the source freshly on your server and it will take time and server resources.


Click one “One-click” button to start the installation

Now you’ll see this popup of installation :

aaPanel installation of LAMP

aaPanel installation of LAMP

After the completion of the installation you’ll see this in Message list:

Message list installation

Message list installation

That’s it all done you’re ready to host your websites, DNS and mail.